Alternate Air, Inc.

Alternate Air is a low-key rental and instruction business based at Seattle's Boeing Field that offers flying at reasonable prices in a relaxed atmosphere. We currently have four aircraft available and several instructors.

Based at Seattle's Boeing Field, we're conveniently located just south of downtown. Flying out of Boeing Field is not difficult, and offers a great training environment. When you learn to fly here, you will be comfortable flying at just about any airport in the country.

If you're looking for affordable flying in the Seattle area, look no further.
Alternate Air has been in business since May 1995.  We are a licensed Washington State for-profit corporation.  We have an absolutely sterling record of paying all of our bills, and we own most of our aircraft.  While we are certainly not the highest profile operation, nor are our aircraft the prettiest, we attempt to operate the Company with the highest of integrity and honesty, which sometimes is missing from aviation-related businesses.
We are a membership-based organization, similar to a health club.  As such, we have a non-refundable initiation fee, and monthly membership dues.  All  certificated pilots who join are required to go through an aircraft checkout with one of our member-CFI's prior to renting any of our aircraft.  Membership dues is charged, and required to be paid, whether one flies in a given month, or not.