Alternate Air, Inc.

At Alternate Air, we offer the most affordable flying in the Seattle area.
You just can't beat these prices!

Oct. 10, 2012 Rental Prices:

To join:
Pay the one-time, non-refundable initiation fee $60, complete the Membership Application, get an aircraft checkout with one of our member-CFI's, and pay the monthly dues.

Monthly Dues:
Monthly dues for active members is just $20/month.

Inactive members who will not be flying for an extended period of time may maintain their membership by paying $5/month inactive dues (no flying privileges).

Aircraft Rental Rates:

Aircraft Type N Number Hourly Rate
1967 Cessna 150G N3198J $75.00
1967 Cessna 150G N3312J $75.00
1975 Cessna 150M N45517 $75.00
1976 Cessna 150M N7991U $75.00
1978 Cessna 172N N738EP $105.00
1978 Cessna 172N N738VJ $105.00

All rates are "wet" and includes basic flying insurance, all fuel, and oil.
Time is charged by the plane's Hobbs meter, not Tach time.

Prices are current as of Oct. 10,2012 and are subject to change (but they rarely do!)